Features of a good business website

10 Features of a Good Business website

10 Features of A Good Business Website: 


The creation of a website for running any kind of business is not a big deal, but the most essential and bothering thing is that the website you create for running your website should be complete and standardized according to the latest requirements. The creation of a website page will not earn you success within a short time; instead, working on it, uploading your work, showcasing your products or services, and writing strong content or the most nuanced description of products will help you in running your online business smoothly through your website and earning success after covering a long path of hardships and struggle.

Nowadays, many small businesses have developed websites, but they have not been created correctly and have many mistakes or shortcomings. This article is all about the features of a good business website. So, let's get started.

Important Features:

The list of some essential features of a good business website is as follows:

1- Display Brand Logo:

The first thing that a client sees in a business website is the brand logo. The brand logo is not an ordinary image or sign; instead, it is your brand's identity and makes your brand differentiated from others. Make sure you create a unique brand logo, use it everywhere in your every business product, documents, image, work, and project. This logo should also be uploaded on your business website as the first uploaded image and should be adjusted on the top left corner of your business page and represent your brand all over the world.

 2- Contact Information:

It has been seen in many cases that many business companies fail in providing their accurate contact information, which creates a problem whenever a client wants to approach and contact them. It not only displays the irresponsibility of the business owners as well as decreases your customer ratio. You should focus on the information regarding contact details and provide the most accurate content information. This will give authenticity to your business as well as enable a healthy relationship with customers. Contact information includes your business landline number, cell phone number, or WhatsApp number, as well as an exact business location and address, and in case you forget to place these details on your website, you will lose your potential customers.

3- Mobile Friendly Website:

It is estimated that over 60% of Google searches are done through mobiles throughout the world. According to Google's latest policy, it only ranks those websites that are mobile friendly and can be easily opened through mobile phone. Your website design should have a  fully optimized layout for mobile phone users and fulfill Google's mobile-friendly criteria for ranking your website.  So, your website should be responsive in achieving the attention of mobile users to increase the total number of customers.

4- Easy Navigation:

The navigation system of the website in the form of a menu or toolbar should be designed in the simplest way to make it accessible to the customers, increase your daily customers, and boost your earnings. A menu bar or toolbar is your first impression on anyone so, this impression should be powerful enough to attract the clients' attention.

5- Up to date Content:

Many business websites containing all data uploaded many years ago and not providing a single blog recently written never succeed in achieving their business goals. It is necessary to write new content after a certain time and keep posting new blogs on your website from time to time. Although you have created excellent quality content, yet it needs to be updated to introduce some new technologies to you and your customers regarding your field. These continuous efforts will help you in generating new customers day by day and expanding your business. It is also beneficial for SEO purposes because many search engines prefer updated articles for ranking.


6- SEO Optimization:

SEOs are keywords used in the search engine that detect your online presence and present your content to the clients. SEO is highly recommended for websites can be included on the website in any way, for examples through SEO friendly URLs, adding keyword in the title, titles little tags in keywords, using keyword within first 100 words, using outbound links, using optimized images or by using social sharing buttons, etc. There are many other ways of SEO optimization, but they should be done on any basis to make your website searchable on Google.


7- Attach Social Media Account Details:

If you have your business website, you have to provide the details of your different social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. You have to share the correct links of your social media accounts on your websites so that clients may be able to check your presence on social media directly through your website. Make sure your social media accounts should be active and updated. Similarly, you can also enter your website link on your social media accounts and so that clients may be able to open your website directly through social media. Thus both the website as well as social media accounts work synergistically and play a full role in the business uplift.

8- Provide FAQs Page:

The FAQs are asked when additional information about a business is required. It involves a series of small questions which describe the product clearly and give only details that are asked most of the time. Writing FAQs with each blog will not only increase the rankings of your blog but also will save the time of users by highlighting the necessary details about the topic of interest.

For adding FAQs, you can select questions on your own or from the questions of your clients. The answer should be simple and clear and avoid any kind of unnecessary details.

9- Customer Reviews:

According to some sources, about 91% of people are attracted more towards your website if they get confirmed by testimonials.

You should allocate a separate space in your website for customers and feel free to upload customer reviews; this will cause new sales for your business as well as win more reputation in the market.

10- Page Footer:

A page footer is a small box placed horizontally on the bottom of the page and contains contact, social media information. It controls the length of the page as well as information that can be shown on every page of the website.


There are many features of a good website, and they should be kept in mind while working on a new website. These are the fundamental approaches by which an ordinary business website can be converted into extraordinary through a small but directed approach.

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