6 Common WordPress Issues and How To Fix Them

If you are hosting your website in WordPress, you might face these issues we are going to talk about in this article. Not to worry, following we will discuss what are the common wordpress issues and how to fix them. But first of all, what is WordPress?

WordPress is a web hosting organization that uses PHP together with MySQL databases. Unlike other websites which you would have to programme completely, for WordPress, 36% of the programming is already done for you. WordPress is a manufacturing plant that makes webpages is a center relationship intended to explain the elements of WordPress: it stores content and empowers a client to make and distribute website pages, requiring nothing past a space and a facilitating administration.

WordPress has a web format framework utilizing a layout processor. Its engineering is a front controller, steering all solicitations for non-static URIs to a solitary PHP record which parses the URI and recognizes the objective page. This permits support for increasingly comprehensible permalinks.

You would agree with me that the smooth running of your website increases its productivity. So, you would need this article to erase all the errors your WordPress website is having.

1.The first notable issue you might face us the “error establishing connection” issue.

Error building up database association is really clear as crystal and reveals to you that the association with the database has been broken.

Reasons for database setting up error

Issue with your facilitating server

There is most likely error in the WordPress configuration settings

You might have experienced cyberattack(s).

Fix 1. Fix issues with your facilitating host

You do well to contact WordPress support to his this issue. They have various documents concerning your website which would help you.

Fix 2. wp-config.php document error

Open your WordPress configuration document utilizing FTP or record administrator. Check if your document details are initially. This might be a solution to the error.

Fix #3. You can also check your we press output for hacking issues. This would also a certain whether your website has been backed or not.


  1. Another common error is the plain white screen error.

It is normally referred to as the white screen of death error.

This error comes in the form of a plain white screen on your PC. It is usually very disturbing as you would have no clue of what to look for.

It is mostly caused by low memory storage.

Ineffectively programmed subject or module

Fix 1: Increase the memory storage by subscribing to higher host plan.

This would allow for more codes and set up languages, so as for your website to run smoothly no matter the load.

Fix 2: You can also try to decrypt all the modules and languages This might help too.

  1. We also have the “500 internal server error issue.”

How is this problem characterized? You would find in black colours internal server error response.

This issues is actually peculiar to most WordPress sites. It might be caused by full memory, faulty plugin and theme functions.

How then can you solve?

You do yourself a lot of good by increasing your memory storage. You can also edit the ht.access files as a solution itself.

  1. We also have the 401 unauthorized error. This error is characterized by you not being able to gain entry into your WordPress site. It is not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you would try to log into your WordPress site several times but you are not allowed. This is not to conclude that your login details are not correct, if us just an issue.

Fix: Most times, all you need us just a need to clear the cache of your web browser. This works most times.

  1. We also have the 400 bad request error. This error most times shows up when there us a problem with your web browser. The meaning of this error code is that what you are searching is corrupted. So you input WordPress and it is giving a 400 bad request error.

Fix: You can restart your PC. This works most times.

  1. 404 Page Error. This is also an issue your WordPress site might face. This happens when your website browser cannot produce the WordPress page you requested for.

What is the major cause of this issue? It actually happens to be the permalink set up most times.

Fix: you should reset your permalink by going to the settings tab. You can also code corrections for this.

We also have the unavailable for scheduled maintenance error. This error most times occur because you have not finished the update of your WordPress site. If you are updating a theme for instance, if it is interrupted, your site goes into a maintenance mode. So in essence this error pops up.

Fix: Always try to do your updates manually. Then you can also delete the maintenance file.


In this article, we have shown you what WordPress is and the errors it can have. We have also shown you some possible ways to solve them. But you might think that since WordPress can have such errors, it might not be a competent web tool. The answer is No. In this modern age, it is not uncommon to see these errors popping up, it is because if technicalities. So, WordPress is not any less of a useful tool.  It us one tool you can use to establish your website. Millions of websites are hosted on WordPress, so you can rest assured.

To the debugging of your issues in WordPress. If you take your time to peruse this article, you would find them helpful. Why is patience and being thorough with the solutions needed? It is simply because you must not miss any step in fixing or you can get your wordpress maintenance singapore package to help with fixing your wordpress website issues.

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