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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

The rules for digital marketing change very often keeping the digital marketers on toes all the time. Just when a Digital Marketer feels he has a stronghold, the marketing trends change. In this turbulent terrain, it is important for a digital marketer to remain updated and adapt to the changing needs of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing trends are user behaviors based on the use of technology, internet and devices used such as mobile phones and laptop. These user behaviors shape the Digital Marketing trends across the globe. With the increasing digitization of the world, Digital Marketing has become the dominant form of marketing. It is, now, impossible to imagine advertising business without Digital Marketing.

With the exponential rise of online content, the importance of digital space has increased considerably. Consequently, marketing has also shifted to cater to online content in the form of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has created a niche for itself playing a vital role in advertisements through blogs, social media posts, videos, emails and search engines. A Digital Marketer will need to evaluate and modify his strategies to embrace continued success through Digital Marketing.

The bigger question is, however, where should one spend his time and effort? What are the recent trends? To make things easy for you, we look at some of the tech trends for Digital Marketing in 2020.

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence chatbots

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence chatbots is one of the best marketing trends. Chatbots provide automatic response to prospective clients regarding possible queries related to the business.

More and more businesses are integrating their website with AI chatbots to improve their marketing strategies and thus, boost sales. They are increasingly being seen to act as a great help, reducing daily costs and increasing automated sales. For example, Businesses without a chatbot will have an empty cart in non-business hours whereas businesses with chatbots can see a surge in sales due to AI chatbot integration.

The integration of chatbots will also reduce operational costs from businesses. However, we must acknowledge that the human aspect of marketing is still important and in fact, much needed. The idea of using AI chatbots is not to replace human beings but to improve marketing efforts through fantastic customer experience and a concerted focus in better planning and strategy.

  1. Personalized Video Ads for targeted sales

Use of Video as a means to communicate with clients has shown to improve sales. With the increasing number of emails on a prospective client’s inbox, it is important to differentiate oneself to be heard.

The growth of artificial intelligence has made it possible to incorporate user data in making personalized videos for targeted sales. Personalization involves making use of data and statistics of user behavior to create customized messages targeted to each user. Consequently, these users can be targeted through emails, mobile notifications and through online meetings.

Most of the marketers believe personalization of sales funnel enhances the chance of sales.

  1. Use of Schema Markups and Rich snippets

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital cog for any digital marketing activity. Despite the changing trends every year, organic search holds the key as it is the top driver for website traffic.

High-quality content articulated through keyword research and on-page SEO is the core of any website. Keeping this intact, the growth of a website is now highly dependent on schema markups and rich snippets.

Schema provides the information the search engines need to understand the content on a website and provide the best search results possible at the time. Addition of Schema markup to your HTML greatly improves the way your page displays in search engine result pages (SERPs) by enhancing the rich snippets that are displayed below the page title.

The simple logic that works here is that people are not going to waste time by clicking on a website with no information. Rather, they will visit websites which has all information available on the website including images, prices, visual information, ratings and product descriptions.

In short, schema markups increase the website’s visibility and leads to higher conversion.

  1. Social Media Stories as a Marketing tool

Be it Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, all of them follow the concept of “Stories”. Though the name may vary, all these social media platforms use short videos called ‘stories’ to increase brand awareness and for constant engagement with their followers.

These stories stay only for a set period of time thus providing an excellent opportunity to tap the clients from the fear of missing out. Not only these stories provide cost-effective ad solutions, but they also increase traffic to the web page with increasing engagement, especially among the younger audiences.

Use of polls, notable facts and interesting stories make these stories high on demand giving a considerable hike in user engagement. More engagement may lead to better brand awareness and thus more conversions.

  1. Increase in Voice Search

Voice search is another tech trend which is expected to be the user’s favourite in 2020. Though voice search and smart speakers have been there for the last 2-3 years, it is only going to get better with the advancement in technology.

One may ask, what does the Voice search have to do with digital marketing?

To tell you the truth, voice search is changing the way people are searching on the web, thus playing a big role in influencing the ranking of one’s content in the Google search results.

Let us assume you want to cook Mughlai Chicken but you don’t know the recipe. You will have two options:

  1. Type “Mughlai Chicken recipe” in google search box
  2. Ask google via voice search “how do I prepare Mughlai Chicken?”

As we see, there is an obvious difference in the way search changes. This would force digital marketers to focus on optimizing content for the voice search, possibly by using long-tail keywords and including questions, in addition to other steps for optimization.


With constant improvement and advancement in technology, the face of digital marketing will always need tweaking through continuous research, innovation and new way of doing things. The tech trends mentioned above are much needed for your digital marketing strategy in 2020. However, we request you to not stop here and keep your eyes wide open to spot for new trends that can reshape the digital marketing strategy for your business.

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