Elements of your backlink profile that drive SEO results

Backlink provides a significant role in link building strategy and overall SEO campaign. An experienced digital Marketer knows that backlinks are a major part of Google algorithm. That’s the reason behind SEO results driven by backlink profiles. Backlink profiles also helps in detecting the problems and opportunities for backlinks. But how are we going to get backlinks? What do you need to know about backlink? What are their major elements which help in SEO? Having such questions? Don’t worry; we are going to give brief details to all these questions. But, first let’s find out about the backlink.

What is backlink?

A backlink is nothing but a link that created when one website links to another. In other words, backlink is link to connect two different websites. There are four major elements that make the backlink, i.e.

  • Start of a link tag
  • Destination URL
  • Anchor Text
  • End of link tag

Start and end of a link tags are self explanatory, they are used as to start and end the tag. Destination URL is the original URL of the website which user will be directed to after clicking on it. It’s not visible on the host website, you have to right click on it and choose the Inspect option to get to know. Anchor text is the one that displays on the webpage. It is one which is styled in color or bold to make it different from the other text. It is just the simple text which provides the connection between two different sites. It also helps in terms of SEO where it helps to rank well in search results.

Why is backlink important?

It’s something like building a confidence on to the page. Backlinks are everything for a page but underlying knowledge of this can lead you in ominous place. If many sites link same webpage or website, it makes google think that it is a good resourceful site and make a positive impact on site’s ranking on search results.

It also helps in users to find your site vulnerable when suggested by many other sites to read on. Hence, you will get more readers and your website is more likely to get viewers next time they will look for something.

Elements of backlink profile for good SEO result

Find out the below given link building elements of backlink profiles which helps in SEO:

  1. Total number of links

If you know the number of links in your site, you get to know your competition of your website by checking the other websites also. But it’s also easy to scam the link number with acticle directories, sitewide links, blog comments etc.  Hence, you don’t need to add links only because it does not correlate with high quality, strong link profile or higher rankings. There are few critical components of SEO strategy which helps in build up the good website:

  • Number of links generated in specific timeframes
  • Time taken in building backlinks in your campaign
  • Tracking of the website toward link building goals
  • Strategies after being hurt by lost backlinks
  • Number of links pointing towards the individual webpage


  1. Number of Unique Domains

Total number of unique domains is the better measuring factor to check SEO results than link count as the number of linking root domains is related to higher rankings. You have to check the number of root domains link to you site, this let you know the health of your backlink profile. The higher the Domain’s Authority of a linking site, the more valuable the link is. If the website which is linking your site is not much good, it can harm your SEO efforts making you looks spam. For this, you should manually reach out the domain to make a request of link removal.

  1. Linking domains vs total links

If you are having large number of links per linking domain, it could be dangerous to your website as it could be unnatural link portfolio. Also, more number of links on a single domain, the lesser your value will be.

So you must be aware of such situation and must ensure the Linking domains vs total links ratio.

  1. Anchor text usage and variance

Anchor text need to be specified and relevant to the description. It shouls not only matched with the topic of page but also the one which is destined. There are various type of anchor text you will find out:

  • Branded anchor text: Most valuable
  • Keyword anchor text: Intentionally selected keywords to ensure SEO search query
  • Relevant anchor text: Related to the post included in and destined too.
  • Diverse anchor text: Using other words for the same thing to avoid penalties
  1. Fresh/Incoming links

Check out the history of your links and as well new links discovered. This will helps you in finding the suspicious and accounted link growth. If you are having thousands of links build per day, it’s really suspicious. You must check for these and ensure prevention of such events. Fresh links will ensure you to let you know if there is any search results ranking changed. Therefore, you should always be aware of what’s going on with your site as well your competitors.

  1. Link Authority

The authority of your domain and individual page is measured by the domain authority metric and page authority respectively. These are checked on the scale of 100 where 0 indicates the weaker while 100 be the maximum authority. If your page is linked with other strong pages, you are more likely to have good link authority. Find out the below given important things to check for better link authority:

  • Relevance of Site, page and link
  • The domain and page authority of your site and page respectively
  • The anchor text
  • Link placement
  • Trust rate
  1. Social Media Mentions

We all know how important the social media is, in this digital world. If your content is shared over the social media by various influencers and other identities, you hit the jackpot. As web is becoming more and more social, your content on such sites will bring an evolution to your link authorities. The most important thing to look on is that your website’s sharing is flawless so that your site’s content will be shared efficiently.

  1. Competitive Analysis

Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to keep eyes on your competitors and checkout how will you stack up against them. The backlink profile analyzers can build the link stronger as they can identify the competitors and the tactics which can be used like while hat, black hat or grey hat SEO techniques.

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