eCommerce SEO tips

eCommerce SEO Tips for growing your business

eCommerce SEO tips for growing your business


Get more organic traffic from your store to make significant differences in sales. Your eCommerce business is significantly increased if you do not take the risk to spend money on advertisements will bring about more sales. All the sounds are lovely. It is easy to say than to do. Nothing can be done if you do not have a strong SEO for your store that works online.

There are some tips for SEO to increase your store

Site structure

The structure of your site is the basis of your website and also for your SEO strategy. The user will become discouraged or confused if he had no site structure. These tips can be used for the improvement of the site structure:

  • To be an HTTPS is needed by your eCommerce store. It helps in the protection information of the customer. It improves SEO.
  • Speed is dangerous for the SEO of eCommerce. As the time of loading of page increases, the bounce rate also increases in the same way.
  • Mobile should not be neglected. At the end of 2017, mobile add 50% revenue to digital eCommerce. For mobile, your site should be optimized as ASAP.
  • Blanklinks of high quality should be built before the start of your peak time, which helps in boosting your traffic and ranks.
  • If you want better SEO and faster times of load, then compress your images. The speed of the page is an essential factor in ranking.
  • Do not neglect the SEO of your market place.
  • Add 60-70 characters for the optimization of your title tag and always use keywords to get the attention of the user.
  • On your page of the product, always use social integration for people for sharing your product and to generate more traffic.
  • If you add the option of live chat to the site, your conversion rate will be boosted by about 50%.
  • A site map should be built and submitted always.
  • Make sure that your bounce rate should be reduced if you increase internal linking and speed. This will make your rank higher.
  • To suggest the related products, use the internal links.
  • In anchor text, use keywords in place of “click here” for ranking the page for some specified terms.
  • For increasing CTRs, write more meta-descriptions that are compelling on organic search are compelling on organic search. This has not a direct effect on your ranking. But it can increase your CTR.
  • Addition of ALT tags to all the images. This not only improves your SEO as it allows bots for scanning of all text. But it also helps the people who are blind or are visually impaired by making them able to understand the images.
  • Start the use of breadcrumbs of eCommerce for improvement of the internal links and the structure of the site.
  • If the product is discontinued or expired, 301-redirect the URL. In a new page of merchandise and all the value of SEO would be transferred to a new page.
  • Treat the pages based on category (e.g., men or women) on separate pages that have their contents and keywords.
  • Shape your URL in a way that is Google-friendly and user-friendly.
  • Offer the level of category in navigation on the store.

Writing and Creation of Content.

Your text and content are essential, just like your structure. This tells the search engines that why it is needed by the people to see this site.

  • To maximize your CTR of the page, include phrases like “on-sale” or “Free Shipping.”
  • On all the pages of product and category, ensure that there are 1000 words in context, and you have only used your keyboard for 3-5 times throughout.
  • Include the descriptions of in-depth and vibrant products. If you do not use text, the search engine has no way of ranking your website and to drive the organic traffic.
  • Create posts in “versus” style in which different products are compared, which are trending.
  • On the product pages, use the power words for driving sales and actions. Use a specific language by making your description more compelling.
  • More often, write more blog posts.

Promotions and brand awareness

If you are not working to improve your store or boost the recognition of the brand, then you are missing out on easy revenue. The potent juice of SEO is also missed out.

  • Conversions are increasing by using a powerful way of social proof. About 85% of the consumers trust social proof, just like personal recommendations.
  • Paid search should not be neglected. A great driver that gives brand awareness leads to an organic purchase.
  • To get star-based reviews or aggregates, use schema markup. It is next to your products in organic search.
  • It should be ensured that your product is linked back or listed to your site.

Helpful Tools

All of these SEO tips are overwhelming. But you should not do it alone. There are many useful tools to help you in the heavy lifting in your site of eCommerce. Try these tools for automating your optimization. It would cut your time into half that is spent on SEO.

  • Redo the research of your keyword for each page on the site. The trends of search and the keywords change with time.
  • For getting the data of keyword, enable the search on an internal site on analytics for what your visitors want to get.
  • Find the keywords that are popular and are used for ranking and target them harder.


It is tough to get more organic traffic to your store of eCommerce. But it does not mean that it is not possible. Sometimes, a little help is just what you need to increase the rates of click-through. It boosts organic traffic. It also targets the right consumers. These strategies are the best and ideal for eCommerce stores. You can use these strategies when you sell online or you a brick-and-mortar store. It should be recommended that SEO only means as much for eCommerce as it works for other businesses. If you want to work, you have to form content. From the descriptions of the product and external links to blog posts, you have many opportunities to have your business on the map, or, at least on SERPs. Follow these points if you want to increase the strength of your SEO and bring it to more sales than before.

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