Business Survive with Digital Marketing

How Business can Survive with Digital Marketing during Covid-19

How Business can Survive in Covid-19 with Digital Marketing


In late December 2019, some lethal viruses caused disease, called Covid-19. It infected the whole world within three months. It is a disease that is rapidly evolving. We have never gone through this. That's why it is an undiagnosed disease. They are a large group of viruses that makes contagious disease. In this situation, many prominent countries enjoined 'LOCKDOWN' to curb Covid-19. Inevitably, the market affected that inflicted both the large and small Businesses badly on account of lockdown supply chain deteriorated across the globe.


How the coronavirus outbreak affects Business


Business is an organization that employs people in their respective domains. It, specifically, makes money by accomplishing demand or supply or both. Fundamentally, Business depends upon demand and supply, but due to Covid-19, these fundamental needs could not be fulfilled. Thereafter businesses brutally maimed by Covid-19.


There are some more reasons behind a business could not service

Overwhelmed testing facilities:

The crisis erupted in the way; none was prepared to circumvent it. Concurrently, medical facilities in most of the countries crumbled. Hence, people in populated countries like India, China, etc. abated their needs to avoid cumbersome in medical facilities. People declined to buy unessential things like cars and other amenities so that they could guard themselves while staying at home. This condition led to a decrease in the manufacturing rate.

Fear and Social Distancing:

Covid-19 infected and decimated a large number of people across the world. This hardship engendered panic in humanity. Cumulatively, Covid-19 obscured both supply and demand chain. In this context, all the organizations employed under the supply chain hit by the slump. They sacked their large number of employees due to less work and revenue.


In the event of the Corona crisis, many countries enjoined to maintain complete or partial lockdown. After that, only essential commodities ordained to circulate in the market.  By which, door-to-door sales, traveling, excursion were eliminated that plummeted countries' GDP.

These are some aspects of business failure. A significant cause behind this failure is also 'the traditional strategies' which we were using by now for promoting products or brands. Since a host of people still believe in all those strategies which are antiquated.

Traditional marketing strategies:

Long ago, there was a time when newspapers were mandatory to know the news. These were a significant source for brands or product promotions. Handbills, leaflets, and billboards were also a part of market advertisements. These older advertising strategies are known as traditional marketing strategies.

Now, these needs are being replaced by electronic media like today; you can read the news, order anything to your doorstep in a nip by smartphones. However, a few people feel not ready to assimilate these advancements. We just need to disseminate proper information to them.


How can we use digital marketing strategies instead of traditional marketing strategies to generate a good income?

For that, we have to know!

What is digital marketing?

It is a platform to advertise or promote the products or brands over the Internet or any form of electronic media. For example, ever since we got access to smartphones, laptops, and other sources of electronic media. We have accustomed to it. Now, all the works, whether reading news, payments, online classes, etc. through digital platforms have been an integral part of life. Hence, these platforms can be used for promoting brands and products.


There are different types of digital marketing

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

The working of SEO is to optimize the content, technical settings, and reach to the website. This term is attributed to top results on search engines. It ought to attract customers to the website regarding the services or products you provide.

It has three subcategories, namely:

  1. On-page SEO: It focuses on pages to deliver the content as per intended keywords.
  2. Off-page SEO: It takes place off the pages to optimize your websites like off-page website description.
  3. Technical SEO: It focuses on the backend of the site, for example, image compression, structured data, etc. that can increase the website's loading speed.


  1. Content Marketing:

It is the chunk of the website; here, the relevant content always engages the attention of the audience. It helps you to reveal digital marketing strategies. Quality contents always ensure the readers that the website is providing them with valuable information. In this case, they can easily rely on the website's services.

  1. Paid Marketing (pay-per-click):

It refers to the "sponsored results" on the search engine results. Here, promotion can be done as per click on the promoting ads. The number of clicks will generate good revenue. That is an excellent way to advertise brands or products digitally.

  1. Social Media Traffic:

It is an easy and effective way for blooming businesses because each person is available on social media apps.

It promotes brands and products to drive relevant traffic. It also increases the brands' and product awareness. Some social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Whatapp, etc.

  1. E-mail marketing:

These are used in promoting content, events to direct people towards the Business's website. Here, the e-mail should be trustworthy, relevant, conversational, and strategic to pave the way for Business. It is also a fantastic part of digital marketing.

Now, businesses can be relied on and promoted through digital marketing by utilizing the involvement of large customers who can not stay bereft of social media.

All these digital marketing types are quite easy to learn. It consolidates businesses to survive in hardships.


Some well-known advantages of digital marketing:

  1. Online selling and purchasing:

Nowadays, online selling and purchasing is an effortless way to fulfill needs. You can easily log in to any site and compare the prices of products before making a deal.

It does not need physical interaction with any other. You can comply with social distancing, which will be not only good for you but also for the second person.

  1. Time-saving:

It does not need physical commutation to purchase or sale any product. You can easily access a website to buy and sell from home.

  1. High Quality:

Owing to the accessibility of numerous websites, you can compare the quality and cost of the products. It will let you obtain a feasible profit.

  1. Any time work:

Even if you are at native or any place, all you need to do is have a device that supports the internet connection; you can access digital platforms to work.

  1. Cheap in cost:

Advertising your products on digital platforms is quite cheaper than newspapers and handbills. You can start advertising products as per your budget, which is affordable. All in all, you do not need to invest much money for good revenue.

  1. Targeted Audience:

You can contact the website according to the specific readers and audience choice. It dispels all the doubts over the marketing like will it be sold or not.

Since you have hired a targeted audience, they, probably, buy this. Here, you feel free from the marketing of your products.

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