How to Make More Sales with Website Design in Singapore

How to Make More Sales with Website Design in Singapore

How to Make More Sales with Website Design in Singapore

A business website is an intermediary between a business and potential customers and visitors that visit the website. It is also the tool that has the potential to convert mere visitors to loyal customers. After a visit to a business website, how satisfied and delighted website visitors are impacts their conversion to loyal customer ship.

A business or e-commerce website has to be appealing to visitors and satisfactorily fulfill their search and/or curiosity. This is key to getting a lot of traffic and converting some of this traffic to loyal customers. The goal should be to get some of your website visitors to at least contact your business.

Low conversion is encountered by several business websites, some of which have this problem despite having lots of traffic that have failed to convert. Website design is a strong determinant on your website traffic and their decisions.

These decisions don’t take long either; less than ten seconds is all it takes for the average customer to assess a website and create a first impression. This first impression forms the basis by which potential customers and website visitors judge the business and company.

Several visitors to a business or ecommerce website visit when they haven’t made their final decision on purchasing or not. At the point of visit many customers are still undecided on the products to the buy, and are still researching and weighing their options at this point; basically comparing the offer from a particular business to what is obtainable from competitors at that point.

Customers shouldn’t be the only ones carrying out this survey though. In fact you should do the job of looking at competitors’ websites for them. This enables you know where you fall in the pack, as well as realize what’s working for market leaders and what changes you need to implement on your own business website.

Your entire website design and functionality should be geared towards helping your website visitors choose your company, and should reflect their preferences and specific needs as well.

Several aspects of website design have an impact on customer decision and retention. The following are some that you should give a closer look in order to have high conversion of traffic to customers:

Website Design and Color

The first impression that’s created in the minds of website visitors happens nearly instantaneously and is dependent (to varying degrees depending on individual customers) on the way that your website is designed and the colors adopted. This is why it is pertinent to consider target audience preferences and taste before designing a website in Singapore.

Before selecting the prominent colors to display on your website, as well as the colors of different important buttons that customers and visitors interact with, it is important to do a bit of research to be on track.

Certain demographics respond better to some colors than others, which makes it mandatory for you to discover which colors your target audience are likely to respond to quickly. For instance, a color like pink is linked to teenage girls while blue and purple are linked to women. The key is knowing what works for the bulk of your customers and sticking to it.

Ease of Use and Ease of Access

How quickly customers can access your website and how fluidly it operates once they do are two very important elements of making more money with website design. A great website design is one that allows users to easily navigate to whichever section or pages they wish to access without any fuss.

Your business can only go as far as your website allows. Customers that have a hard time navigating your website or experience frustrating load speeds are not likely to become paying customers, because the majority of buyers judge businesses and make decisions entirely because of how well(or otherwise) the business website runs.

The margin of error is quite small with online business too; a second of delay is sometimes all it takes to lose hundreds of potential customers. This is why fast load speeds are extremely important and should be prioritized while building an ecommerce website in Singapore

Ensure Your Website has Mobile Access

Mobile phone usage has grown exponentially over the years. It has changed the way people use the internet and access websites. Computers are not the only thing people use to access the internet anymore; more and more people are now accessing the internet with their phones.

This makes optimizing your ecommerce website for mobile phones absolutely crucial in this age. Failure to do this means your website will be difficult to navigate for mobile users and you’re losing out on a lot of potential deals as a result. Your business website has to be responsive, and should adjust to fit the size of any screen that users attempt to access it with.

Nail your Landing Page

Your website’s landing page is an important element of website design for driving sales up. It is important to nail this page to achieve growth and expansion. The aim of optimizing landing pages should be to ensure there are specific pages on your website that are designed to cater to specific search queries and needs of customers. The call to action on this page has to be vivid and clear to all who visit.

Virtual Chat/Assistance

This is a hidden element with which several ecommerce websites rake in higher sales. Several ecommerce websites are now implementing chat bots that assist customers navigate their website. The goal is simple; to make shopping and navigating your website as easy as possible for the average visitor and a quick chat that points you in the right direction is enough to build trust with customers.

As an e-commerce website, if you’re serious about achieving growth then your website design and operation have to be as fluid as possible. This is key to not losing customers to competitors with easy-to-navigate websites.

You need to also optimized your website color and design, optimize it for mobile access and ensure it loads quickly and users have a pleasant experience while navigating your ecommerce website. This is vital to increasing sales volume and retaining customers in today’s digital age.

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