importance of a website user-flow

Importance of a Website User-flow

Importance of a Website User-Flow


As a web designer, it is not an excellent technique for designing websites directly on web editors like Dreamweaver, Visual Studios, or Notepad++. There should be proper planning and prototype of the design before you make layouts of it.

In User-flow, the designers have the virtual image in their mind about interface and user needs, and then they wanted to represent them by drawing some characters, symbols, and instruction on paper.

They do some paperwork to represent their ideas and structure of website design, and after this, they will show their paper design to the client, and he will get the impression that how the site will be work and how many pages and databases will be created.

This will also help developers for making queries, databases, and classes of websites. So User-flow is the process to show the website's features on paper.

The user-flow shows the shortest path and possibilities of the methods and approaches. It means that all the steps of any process will be defined appropriately. For example, you are visiting any movie site.

So, what are the steps by which you will able to watch and buy any movie on the site?

  1. First, you have to create an account of the website.
  2. Second, you will sign with your username or id and password.
  3. Third, the home page will be displayed.
  4. Then, you will search the movie name in the search bar.
  5. It will be possible that you do not search the movie, you may go into the categories, where you will get some types of names like thriller, romantic, horror, or comedy.
  6. After Categories, there may be more pages like free and purchase movies.
  7. If you want to watch the free movies, you will go free page movie or either for purchase then purchase the movie page.

So, these are initial steps, according to user requirements, which are written in User-flow.

All the processes and approaches are described so that the designer will not face any hurdle while designing pages and templates.

The designers, who do not know about user-flow, so they cannot be able to design attractive and functional websites for clients, so it is compulsory to learn about user-flow.


It is the central part of any user-flow design because it describes all the methods and fields, which the user wanted to find on any website. It is very critical because if the user-flow is not created according to user requirements, then your investment, time will be wasted. You should not take any kind of risk on this factor because it destroys all your hard work, planning, and strategies. You should focus and study every aspect of design very profoundly, with all condition's possibilities. If you need any help, do not hesitate to ask from others, because the guidance will play a significant role in that factor. Do not become over smart on your design because if anyone finds a deficiency in your design, so you respect him and listen to him thoroughly.it is not a work of just 2-3 days; you should take your time to draw it with proper arrangements. If you are making a user-flow of any kind of website that is already on the web. Experience it with you all skills, and try to take out some weakness of that site, by which you will get an idea, what feature or aspect, you should not add on your design. Discuss your design with experts and take their opinions.

Suppose any you are a part of a team, which is creating an eCommerce website, and your role is designing a user-flow of the cart page.

So, what are the fields and requirements of the user?

  1. There should be added or delete items button on the cart page.
  2. There will be a payment buy button.
  3. There should be a display quantity on the page.

These are the initial requirements of any cart page according to the user aspect.

Importance of a website user-flow 


User flow design for user interface also defines as "User-Experience Flow." The designs show you the virtual representation of any website or app on paper. It has all the details of pages and templates, which will be displayed on the site. As the website is the combinations of pages, so the User-flow defines all the links and relations among pages, fields, and attributes. It plays a crucial role to impress the users. Because as per user requirements, you must give such links among all the pages and fields, so that users do not face any difficulty while experiencing the website. The design manages all the attributes.

Some designers do not focus on user interface design, but they make real criticism while getting feedbacks because they think that, "As the requirements are full fill so, why we focus on the user interface." This perception makes their rating down because the more the website attracts, the more the users are come to visit it.

In the market, it is said that "The thing which looks the best, has more popularity." So the user flow design for the user interface is an essential part of User-flow.

importance of a website user-flow


The designers who do not, which do not focus on User-flow, is not a designer. Or he is just wasting his time on web designing. It is a step towards the development of a successful website. User-flow is a tool for judging designers' techniques and skills, from which they enhance themselves for future projects. It plays a vital role in satisfying the investors and clients as they can see what the website or application looks like, and this can also be a part of the documentation of any site or app.

It shows the guideline to review your work and tested it according to project requirements. Experts are also planning for all kinds of probabilities that will occur in the user-flow to reducing any possible issues during the course of the project.

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