Increase Website Conversion Rate

Effective Ways to Increase Website Conversion Rate

Effective Ways to Increase Website Conversion Rate

What is converting rate?

It is a rate of visitors to the website or pages that convert called a conversion. Namely, a conversion is nothing but to convert visitors in doing something that you want them to do, like making a deal for purchasing, subscription or sign-up, engaging in chat, upload or download something, making a call on the website or ad numbers, and clicking on advertisements.

How can we calculate the conversion rate?

Conversion rate= conversion/ total visitors × 100%

For example, if a site had 100,000 visitors last month and approx. 10,000 from them made the conversion.

The conversion rate will be= 10,000/100,000×100= 10%

Thus, the website conversion rate is 10%.

There are different types of conversation rate:

  1. Marketing Channel Conversion Rate.
  2. Overall Conversion Rate.
  3. Page-Level Conversion Rate.
  4. Keyword Conversion Rate.
  5. Individual ad Conversion Rate.
  6. Campaign Conversion Rate.

Why should we track the conversion rate of a website?

By tracking the conversion rate, we can track the following actions:

  1. Website action:

Purchases, subscriptions, upload or download some apps, and other activities can be tracked.

  1. Phone calls:

All the made phone calls and a number of clicks on your number can also be calculated that helps you to contact the targeted audience.

  1. App installs and in-app actions:

Here, you find a number of installed apps. It allows you to know the purchase or other activities within the apps.

  1. Import:

Sometimes customers leave the website without complete their actions because of sudden work. In that situation, it will help you to pop up the resumed action whenever customers come online.

  1. Local actions:

All the actions are counted whenever visitors interact with an ad that is specific to a physical location.

 How can we track the conversion rate?

The first thing, as I mentioned earlier, you should be clear about conversion, namely, what conversion do you want like signing up, download something, or purchase something from your website. It will help you to, meticulously, manage the conversion rate.

  1. Google Analytics and AdWords

The tool helps collect raw data that let you know the number of clicks on the ad, sign-up, downloads, etc. As you set up your website on Google Analytics, it gives you a tracking code or "tag." To finish conversion tracking settings. For further action, how to set up; you can visit google support systems.

  1. Heatmaps:

This feature captures the user's moment and clicks on your website, like how much time he invested, how far he scrolled down.

  1. Session recording and replay tool

It records the actions taken by a visitor. This recording involves clicks, taps, scrolling across multiple pages on a desktop or mobile device. It helps to optimize the conversion rate by understanding customers' experiences. It focuses on important things like where users focus, what they click on, where they get frustrated or confused, on which part leaves the website. All these things help to execute a better experience for the users.

  1. Customer satisfaction surveys or Net Promoter Scores

It is one more effective tool to use, and it delivers information about customer satisfaction. In which area you need to improve, on which part customers are investing a significant time etc.

What is Conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

It is a necessary process for optimizing landing pages of a website that is employed to generate a higher conversion rate. It helps to achieve the utmost conversions from the traffic which we already have on the site. Therefore, conversion rate optimization is an important thing to execute.

There are a few ways to increase the conversion rate:

  1. Execution of hypothesis:

Some areas to execute hypothesis

  1. A) Headline: the headline needs to be sold hard. Testing the headline can approach fruitful results in optimization.
  2. B) Offers: No one can predict audiences how they will respond; therefore, try various descriptions and layouts to achieve possibly the best.
  3. C) Call-to-action: This option can invite visitors to put up the action like "Buy Now" or "Sign Up." Such opportunities can draw visitors' attention.
  4. D) Media: An image or video can cause change sometimes, which can be profitable.


  1. Conversion funnel:

An excellent presentation can explicitly enhance the website's reputation. For example, when visitors come to the site, a systematic way of content can impress him to explore more on the site. By which, visitors can easily believe over the description of a product that will allow him to follow the website's recommendation. But if things are not described systematically, it will bound the visitors to leave the site. It is called conversion funnel, where a sequence of action and flow of pages should be placed in a remarkable way that could convince the visitors to complete the conversion.

  1. A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing:

It includes the process of testing one version of a web page against another to gauge effectiveness. Like, on many websites, the owners satisfied when they start getting a moderate or decent conversion rate without trying for the highest. While, higher traffic can be fetched to their website by testing various versions of web pages to increase conversion rate, which is said multivariate testing. Practically, two different versions of page both have different discounts like the first one is 10%, and the second one providing a 15% exemption. It will help you to know the way visitors seem the offers, which can lead to increase conversion rates.

Here, You need the help of some CRO software in splitting your traffic:

  1. Google Optimise: it is a free tool, but it does not provide real-time results. Hence, it may be a poor option for everyone.
  2. Visual Website Optimiser: It is the most cheaper tool for testing. It allows marketers, and product manager to perform A/B test with having software and programming knowledge.

The distribution, hopefully, expounds you over the definition of conversion rate, calculation of conversion rate, the need for conversion rate, and optimization of it.

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