Things that affect a web design project timeline

Things that affect a web design project timeline

Things that affect a web design project timeline

Imagine that you are planning to design a website or a landing page in time for the Christmas holidays or a particular date. In that case, you would want to connect with an agency that will design web pages, and which can meet tight deadlines.

Professional web designing companies are accustomed to tight deadlines and as a client, you should be aware of the limitations that come with a short deadline and should also be able to understand its effects on the time on the web design project.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons that affect the web design timeline.

Scope of the project

One of the most important things that will influence the timeline of the project is the scope of the project.  Building some websites will take more complex skills and time, while some other websites can be built using a simple process.

Flawed design Expectations.

Clients that want a particular design for their websites always give a reference point for the designers to follow. Some clients would give their opponents website as a model and some client will stick with the stock design that is provided at the agency’s portfolio.

Both the references are good for the client, as they will have a specific vision about the website they want and makes it easier for the designer as they won’t have to guess about the needs of the client.

However, you should also understand that when the client chooses a stock templated from the portfolio of the designer, you will always choose the best work of the design agency.

But this won’t always mean that you’ll get the exact design that you are looking for, and the reason being, always take their designs with a pinch of salt.

Choose your design agency after going through the review the customers have given them and choose after looking at their competitions and how they fare.

Delayed or Slow Responding Time

Suppose you want your landing page or website to be up and running in two to three months. The design matches your expectation, and the design agency is also providing very efficient results, but now a new problem surfaces, the feedback or the response from the client that take a lot of time.

However, we must realize that this is the professional world, where everyone is stick with some urgent matter or the other. In this case, if you have a very urgent project along with your commitments, it will be hard to follow up with them.

Therefore, it always advisable to have a person such as your Virtual Assistant or somebody who knows everything about your project to be a constant communication link between you and the agency.

Although, that being said, the client cannot be solely blamed for the slow response times. Web designing also has an equal responsibility to notify their client about the timelines and keep them up to date with the progress of the project.

To take a preemptive measure, always check if your email agency can provide updates regularly, for example, every other day updates will be given about the progress, so that you can prepare yourself to receive the email according to that frequency.

Not providing a consolidated feedback

In any creative process, revisions are very important and inevitable. However, you can avoid multiple revisions by combing all the comments that you gave regarding the necessary changes in one communication for a more efficient result.

People usually hate going over the same matter over and over again, especially if it was something that could’ve been solved earlier with better communication.

Therefore, always try to combine or consolidate the feedback you wanna give. Instead of giving 4 minor corrections in a week, try to combine all of them into one single feedback and give it at the end of the week.

This can be done by taking the necessary time and by keeping a close watch on the design from the top to the bottom.

Commit some attention and patience to the details while you are reviewing the output and then provide them all the remarks once. By following this both parties can save time and will also help to set up your website at a much faster pace.

Creating an unrealistic timeline expectation

Some clients will have the wrong idea that websites are very easy to create, especially, if professionals are hired to make them. Although the ads of some web design agencies are to blame for this, the truth is that creating a website is not easy.

Designers, even if they are professional will take a significant amount of time and effort to create a good-looking website.

Have you seen that meme of a drawing, where one half shows the expectation, and the other half shows the reality?

Any professional from the creative industry will state that you simply cannot rush creativity. If you set unrealistic expectations, it resulted in disappointment and delays.

Also, by miscommunication that happens during the middle of the project, the entire project can be put on hold.

To avoid something disastrous like this from happening to you, discussed the target date when you want the project delivered with the salesperson or the account manager.

As we’ve already said, designing a web page is a collaborative and collective process that takes time. Without strong support from the client’s end and hands-on support, it is difficult to finish the project on time.

Having a poor communication

Poor communication is the total of everything that is mentioned above. You could always avoid the mishaps that affect the timeline of the project by establishing good communication with the designer company.

So if you are thinking about setting up a website and want to connect with a web design and development company, always begin after you consult with a web design sales consultant, who can provide you with the right answers and will also provide you with the expert and clear advice that you’ll need.

Having a good consultant will not only clear all your doubts but will also smoothen the whole launching process of the website.

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