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7 Web Design Issues Client Face in Singapore

When building a website, there are many factors to look out for in order to create a successful web-page. The most important one of them is making the website unique and creating a design that suits the purpose of it.

As a web design client, you want your website to look just how you imagined it. A good web designer can help you achieve that. This is why you should do some research before hiring a web designer, to make sure you choose someone for the project who has the experience and the skills to meet your expectations.

Although, there are some common problems faced by web-design clients, and in this article, we will list 7 of the most important ones.

  1. The design does not meet your expectations - This is the most common problem that occurs when collaborating with a web designer or a company. There are cases when web agencies may pitch for your project using a design-work done by ex-designers or freelancers, or even designers who have never been employed in their agency. As a client, you might not benefit from the talent of experienced designers this way, and it’s not fair, because you paid for a service you didn’t receive. So, what can you do to prevent this from happening? First, you need to look for a web design agency with a complete portfolio and good reviews. Choose agencies that are constantly working on improvements and gaining experience.
  2. Cannot complete the website within the required timeline – This is an issue many clients face when it comes to hiring a web designer. It often happens that the web designer cannot complete the website within the required timeline for some reason. This can affect your business and the web designer’s reputation as well. Many web-designers, but most freelancers don’t get realistic when proposing a deadline and this can affect their reputation but the quality of their work as well. They might also complain about the website developing taking too long. As a client, you need to be selective when choosing your preferred web-design agency. Try to stick with the original plan regarding the website, because if you change your mind about the design a few times, this might mean a lot of extra work for your web designer.
  3. Mismatch in terms of programming requirements - This is another problem that occurs often when collaborating with a web design agency or freelancer. Make sure to write down your requirements specifically to make sure your web designer understands your vision perfectly. In many cases, the web designer and their client talk over how the website should look like, but they don’t go over every little detail, and that can result in a misunderstanding. To avoid that, you need to decide on every aspect of your website and consult with a professional web designer with experience.
  4. They don’t take the time to understand your business - a lot of web designers don’t take the time to fully understand your business. A lot of them usually only focus on the basics like how many pages you need, or what do you sell. This way they can miss important information and that can even reduce your sales. There are some aspects your web designer should take into consideration when they’re consulting with you about your website:
    • Your target market
    • The feature of the products/services you offer
    • The benefits of these products/services
    • Your feature goals in the business
    • What makes you different from your competitors

Lacking this information your web designer will not fully understand in what direction you want your website to go in, therefore they will not create a website that is suitable for your needs and goals.

  1. You don’t get enough support after your website goes live - This is a common mistake many web designers do. You, as a client may have a few questions regarding your website after it goes live, and it’s only natural for the web designer to give you support and help you out. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Many web designers, after finishing the job, assume that you can handle the site and you are on your own. Although there are web design agencies who are dedicated to giving the best service even after finishing the website. Make sure you pick one like that in case you have some questions after the project is completed.
  2. They might use a lot of jargon - Another common issue faced by a web design client is that the designers use a lot of jargon when explaining how things work. Phrases like CSS, HTML5 or PHP may sound impressive, but a client may not understand what they mean. You, as a client don’t need fancy jargon to be impressed, you need a website that looks good, delivers traffic and customers. Although communication is very important when it comes to doing web design for a client, so designers should do everything they can to make themselves understandable.
  3. You don’t know what’s it going to cost - In many cases, clients don’t know the price of the web design service until it’s finished. This might be understandable because there can always be issues or other things to take care of while doing the project so that’s why the designer offers to discuss the price after the job is completed. Although this can lead to issues and misunderstandings later, so to avoid that it’s recommended to agree to a budget upfront. This way, if your budget is tight, a designer will be able to help you prioritize features and make sure the critical ones are done first.

As you can see, there are several problems that clients face in Singapore when they purchase web design services.

The most common problems are listed in this article, and by going through them, they will be helpful for you not to miss anything when consulting with your web designer about a new project.


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