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Looking for Website Maintenance Services in Singapore? Don’t worry we will take care of your website health while you focus on its growth.

Keeping your website up to date with regular software updates, monthly backup and content is important for the health and growth of your business. It's good to remain on the top page of Google as well as serve your users with something new and interesting every time they visit you.

We at Quvox know this and offer website maintenance services in Singapore so you're website always looks fresh, stays secure from unethical internet activities and continue to delight users. Web maintenance is a crucial part of building an online presence and creating brand awareness in your audience.

Though website maintenance is ideal for every business, it’s necessary for e-commerce, digital media publishing, and corporate companies. The reason being, the major revenue of these companies is fueled by the websites and unfortunate server downtime can cost them thousands of dollars in losses.


Why A Regular Web Maintenance Service is Important?

While it’s technically possible to run and manage your business’s website by yourself, a lot of companies have chosen to hire external agencies in Singapore to maintain their websites regularly and upgrading them with regular updates and effective resources.

Draw upon the experience and knowledge of our team of web maintenance experts to refine and remodel your mundane webpage into a dazzling display of style and functionality. We make sure the website pages are fresh for returning customers by adding the latest news, events, elements, and visuals to the website.

Along with this we create new pages and fix technical elements for leveraging the search engines. In addition to adding features and updates, we introduce usability elements to the website and implement website renovations for better functionality.

The advantages of availing web maintenance services include:

Protection from virus and malware attacks

Ensures your website is fast with better functionality

Instant Turnaround Time

Optimum Website Performance

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Benefits of Web Maintenance and Procedures Involved

If your website fuels your sales and online presence, then it is highly recommended to update it with regular updates, visual improvements, and security patches. Including web maintenance in your marketing strategy ensures your website is safe from digital hazards and continues to rank on Google, thereby driving visitors and leads.


The web-maintenance services vary from industry to industry and typically consists of the following:

Technical Maintenance
  • Site Backups: Making and monitoring backups so we can bring your site back in case of technical failure or malicious activity
  • CMS Upgrades: Updating the CMS website for the latest updates and features
  • Theme and Plugins Upgrades: This involves updating your website's theme and plugins to the latest version
  • Executing security measures: Securing the website backend and CMS
  • Fixing Site Structure Issues: Solving common issues like missing-broken links, redirects and 404 errors
  • Webmaster Notifications: Fixing all the errors notified by the webmaster tools
  • Implementing Updates: Updating the visual elements of your website including images, theme, and banner as required
  • Content Publishing: Publishing high-quality and informative blogs, press releases and articles to improve brand awareness
  • Adding New Functionalities: Installing important features like tools and business-related capabilities
Incident Managment
  • Restoring your website to default settings in case of file corruption, malware interruption or incident of any malicious activity
  • Website Health Monitoring: Checking and fixing server errors and system warnings

  • Clean up Unnecessary Files: Clearing logs and unwanted system files from the website


  • Operation Management: Monitoring search engine indexing as well as improving site loading time


  • On-time Renewals: Renewing your domain and hosting before the due date to ensure uninterrupted operation

Why Hire Us for Web Maintenance Services?

Website Maintenance is a multilevel task and requires a multitalented workforce to complete day to day operations. That's where Quvox can come into play and monitor your website’s health while you focus on the growth of your business.

With our team of creative designers, brilliant engineers, and witty copywriters, we will ensure your website is safe from digital hazards and stays up-to-date with the latest technical updates. We have proven experience of delivering efficient website maintenance services and facilitating the digital progress in the background.

Strong Security

Our cybersecurity experts ensure your website is updated with the latest software updates and security patches. This will keep your internet property safe and secure from unauthorized access and web attacks. It's the main purpose of every maintenance service to monitor and assure the safety of your website.


Frequent Content Updates

Who doesn't like fresh content? Right from regular visitors to gigantic search engines, everyone will prefer an updated site over a stagnant one. It's also one of the 200 ranking factors of Google, thereby injecting fresh content can boost your organic rankings. Our copywriters and editors know this pretty well and will help your website to excel in the same.

Personalized Plans

Every website is different and has different maintenance needs. We understand this so we strive to keep our packages personalized, thereby catering to our clients’ needs and demands. Let us know your website maintenance needs and we’ll take care of it in a proficient manner.

Real-Time Progress

We maintain real-time interaction with our clients so you can remain updated with the web maintenance progress and developments running in the background. Adding further, we also analyze consumer behavior on your website and try to align it with our web maintenance strategy. This increases user dwell time on your website, which is a major SEO ranking factor.

Maintaining SEO Rankings and Traffic

Google prefers a well-maintained and updated website on top of the search engines result page. If your site is not updated with time, there's a high chance your website will go down in rankings. To solve this problem, our creative team will repurpose your website with unique, quality and SEO-friendly content. So you can maintain as well as improve your rankings on the search engines.

Provide a Better User Experience to Retain Existing Customers and Attract New Ones!

User-experience is the backbone of your website and can make or break your sales graph if not implemented properly. It also helps in retaining existing customers and attract new ones, thereby driving consistent growth. Our designers understand this pretty well and put user-experience on priority in the web maintenance services.


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