Why you should choose WordPress for your CMS website

Your website is an empty merchandise store with CMS as the racks and shelves that you put in place to ensure the content of the store are well-organized. CMS will help you to have easy access to products and, at the same time, display the products beautifully to your potential customers. While choosing the CMS for your website, there are several options for these that you can pick. These options have different features, prices, functionality, and aesthetics. You would want to pick one that is convenient, right? Here’s why you should pick WordPress!

  1. WordPress is free of charge; no fees, no hidden costs, nothing at all!

This website creation tool is a powerful system that will help you create posts and pages without going through the hustle of learning all the programming and coding languages. It may seem like there is a catch somewhere, but this is the bare truth. WordPress is utterly free. When you are running on a tight budget, you will greatly appreciate this fact about WordPress. It is free and will not cost you a penny to download.

  1. It is Easy to Use

WordPress boasts in its simple installation process that only takes five minutes. It has support guides that will quickly walk you through the installation process. You do not have to be a technical guru to install this system successfully. You will find it easy to set up WordPress sites. It is also very easy to get the site operational. With the support guides, you will be able to carry out the tasks that seem complex within the shortest time possible. The ease-of-use of WordPress is what makes the CMS tool very popular. Unlike most software, you will not need an eCommerce developer to help you out with this one. You can as well find the multiple video tutorials about this tool on sites like YouTube and become a guru from here.

  1. It has a Large Community

Statistics from Google prove that 30% of all the existing websites run on this powerful tool. WordPress has an average of 60% share in the market of CMS. We can summarize these two sentences by simply saying, “WordPress is ruling the web.” Believe it or not, this is insanely true. With these multitudes of people from all over the globe using WordPress, it is evident that WordPress has a vast community. In case you encounter a challenge with the system, or you would want to inquire about something regarding it, you will always get an answer from the many developers or support forums of WordPress.

The large community has raised WordPress editors, designers, writers, and developers. These people are more than willing to help you when you encounter challenges in your site regarding content, design, or maintenance. You will never be alone! This large community encourages many website owners to join the club and be a professional because of their regular moral support and positive pressure.

  1. It has a Wide Range of Themes that will help to make your Site Unique

It is worth noting that the codes of WordPress are open-source. It, therefore, means that you can easily access the codes. There are also countless paid and free themes that you can download and use them to design your site excellently. The themes are basic, simple, and easy to apply. They form wonderful objects that you will find very handy if you want your site to appear unique. Simply search for the theme that you want using a keyword and choose the one that best suits your preference. If you get bored with the theme you have chosen, you are allowed to switch to another theme as many times as you would want. WordPress also has templates that will give you a unique appeal and amazing user experience.

If you are a basic user, you are likely to find the premium themes somewhat complex. But do not worry about this. The thousands of basic themes that be freely downloaded from  WordPress will help you start the design process. Ultimately, using the WordPress themes will make your site appear unique hence gaining a competitive advantage.

  1. It will help you Create the Functionality that you Have Always wanted to Have

The WordPress Plugins will help you create your dream functionality. After youhave set the fundamental features of your site, you will see the very many plugins that you can use to make your website what you have always wanted it to look.  The plugins will help you to come up with excellent functionalities on your site, and these include,  faster loading times, automatic backups, among others. Since WordPress greatly supports multi-media content, there is a variety of things to post in yourwebsite. These are photos, blog posts, podcasts, videos, slideshows, and many other things.

  1. It takes Security Very Seriously

This tool ensures that the software of your website is safe and up to date.  It keeps data thieves and hackers away from your site.You will find that the software updates of WordPress are automatic, and therefore, prevent vulnerabilities when it comes to security. The plugins do not always have to update automatically. You can always choose whether you prefer the automatic updates or updating yourself. It is very easy to update these plugins on WordPress; simply click the checkboxes and hit the update button.


You are looking for a website design that has a professional look and a classic touch, right? Well, I would recommend you settle on WordPress. WordPress combines all the virtues that you would want your CMS tool to have. It is the best option if you do not want technicalities when it comes to your CMS website. If you are an online businessowner and you intend to be selling your brand from your site, the WordPress plugin Woo Commerce feature will help you in this. This tool makes it easy to sell your products from your site.

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