Why is it Important to Check if your Website is Indexed

Why is it Important to Check if your Website is Indexed?



Millions of websites are running on the internet and do their business, and some sites are earning trillions of monies, and their owners are on the list of richest men. Almost every website runs under the google search engine. And google ranked them according to their traffic. But what is the factor that enables Google to rank your website or how your website gets ranked among millions of websites? So, this is a critical question for the ordinary audience, which does not know about web development and technology.

But first, we will discuss that how does google find your website among these websites.

Suppose there is a book of 1000 pages, and there are 3000 topics in it. How will you find a topic which you want to read? So, the answer is straightforward. You will find your topic from the index page, which is located before all the pages of the book. You will read the index or page number, and it will directly take you to the desired topic, which you wanted to read.

So, this logic is also applied on the website, that google reads your index and ranked it according to your traffic.

But these websites, that are not indexed. Are they worthy? These websites are unknown to google; Google does not rank them among sites. They are in the browser like a lost child, and they are worthless in the search engine. And sometimes, these websites are hacked or blocked. So it is crucial to index your site so that Google will find your website. It also secures your website because Google is in the list of most secure search engines, and it always applies secure algorithms on your website.

As we all know, the website is a combination of web pages. And it is essential that every page of the website must be index because if any page left without index, so google will not count it into your website, and Google will not respond appropriately to your site.

So, how Google is entering into your website? There are algorithms, which are known as crawlers. These google crawlers get access to your website and collect the information from the header and take it to the Google server. These crawlers have all the info like indexes, versions, inbound and outbound links, XML data, and all the information which include in the header.

But which part of the header has the index information? There is a Meta tag in the header, where the index is located. In the Meta tag, all the information is written, which is beneficial for Google and your website. Without the Meta tag, crawlers cannot find out the index information. So developers need to insert Meta tags in the header.

But most websites have been indexed, but Google does not rank them. So, what is the reason behind this action?

In these websites, the inbound and outbound links are not properly working, which makes a significant impact on google ranking. Either they have traffic, but Google does not respond to them.

Now we are discussing what the advantages of being index are

As you know that the websites are uploading their new content. Some sites are regularly uploading their content. Some upload their content on a weekly and monthly basis. So, how google knows that you are updating your website, these updates also get to the google automatically by crawlers from indexing. And websites that do not index, also upload their content, but all the content is wasted and worthless because google does not have any address of that website. So, now you know the importance of indexing on the site.


If you want to see that Google has the index of your website, simply type the URL of your website, before URL must write Site: like that Site:youwebsite.com. This will show you the website pages that are index if any page of your website will not be showing. It means that this page is not index by google. Or you can either help google for searching your site by giving information on a sitemap. If you are satisfying that google has all the information about your website, that next step towards high ranking is applying SEO techniques on your website, which plays a vital role in the ranking of your websites.


If you index your website and then check it on Google, your index will not be shown by google because it takes 3 to 4 days for indexing by crawlers. After all, there are millions of websites running on the internet, and they are increasing day after day, so do not panic if you just recently index your site. It will take some time to appear on the list of google.


As you know that if any page does not appear in the list index of google, so it is not index. Still, if it is an index and not appear, so there is a possibility that you added that page recently on the website, so the crawlers will take some time to collect the information from meta tag of that page and after 3-4 days, that particular page will include in the indexing of google.


The indexing of your website is compulsory because this will allow other people to find your website on Google. Else the information that you want others to see to know will not be able to be found, and your effort will be gone. Thus, you must do indexing for your website and hire the best developers, which have the best techniques to give recognition of your website to google and apply SEO techniques for gathered more audiences and consumers towards your website.

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