Why is mobile friendly website important now

Why is mobile friendly website important now

Why is mobile friendly website important now 

Importance of Mobile-Friendly Website

It is estimated that in 2016 the use of mobile was 51.2% and the use of desktop was 48.7% in America. It means that people are more dependent on their mobile phones as compared to desktops. They use mobile for responding to emails quickly, watching the latest news, interacting with others through social media, and making their mobile the center of their internet activities. Through this analysis, we conclude that any website must focus on the large population using their cell phones for using the internet and make any website according to both desktop and mobile users. And it requires some extra effort to make any website optimized for mobile phones and tablets. The website that can support and ease both desktop and mobile users is called Mobile-Friendly Website.

In this article, we will provide you the reasons why a mobile-friendly website is important now.

Reasons for developing a Mobile-Friendly Website

The list of The creation of a mobile-friendly website is the need of the time but here with the help of certain reasons we will prove that why is a mobile-friendly website important nowadays.

1-To remain in Google Rankings

In 2015, Google changed its policy by saying that Google displays mobile search results. It started preferring the SEOs of those websites that can offer a good display both on desktop and on mobile. On taking into account customer satisfaction there is a major change in Google's policy so if your website is meant for desktop use only you should immediately optimize it for mobile. It will take time as well as effort, but if you want to remain in Google, stop rankings you have to switch over to a mobile-friendly website.

2- To remain in touch with customers every time

The high dependence of people on mobile phones is due to their fast service and easy handling. Most people around the world do not open their laptops to buy anything instead every business has been running through mobile phones. If you do not offer a mobile-friendly website and have only a desktop version of your website then people will not waste their time in opening the laptops and book your services instead they will book someone else whose website is efficiently running on mobile phones and providing similar services. So you need to switch your desktop-friendly website into a mobile-friendly website not only to increase your earnings but also to remain in contact with countless customers throughout the world who need your services anywhere anytime.

3- For Building Credibility

The creation of a mobile-friendly website will keep you in contact with customers, clients as well as influencers of your industry. If a customer visits your website and finds his relevant knowledge written on your website he will be satisfied with the quality of your content and then once a satisfied client will again approach your website for further research. This will enhance the customer credibility level and will help you in achieving high traffic and a maximum number of clicks on your website daily.

4- As a Standard Practice

The use of responsive web design has made mobile optimization more accessible and easier due to which the functionality of the website has become possible on mobiles. Internet browsing through mobile devices has become a standard practice due to which many websites have switched to mobile-friendly websites and this trend has been increasing day by day.

5- For Providing Quick Service

The use of the mobile-friendly website not only provides quick services to the customers but also increases the confidence of customers on your website. Your website clicks and customers will grow exceptionally high due to a large number of mobile phone users. They can easily find your website in a quick search.

6- For Increasing Number of Customers

The use of mobile phone users has outpaced the desktop users and their count is increasing day by day so if you make your website mobile-friendly your daily customers will also increase in the same fashion and you will notice high traffic as well as high customer ratio as compared to the situation when your website was only limited to desktop. You can create an unlimited number of customers by providing quality content and relevant knowledge in an easy way to the customers.

7- On Google Recommendation

Google is one of the largest search engines in the world and has more percentage of mobile users due to which it considered the need for time to provide quick services to mobile phone users in which the first step was the up-gradation of many websites to mobile-friendly websites. Google also made a compulsion to website owners to update their websites according to the user needs and this recommendation has proved beneficial for all, the customers, Google as well as website owners.

8- To improve the website performance

If you redesign your website according to mobile phone setup, it will change the outlook of the website and make it more appealing as well as improve its efficiency. Many mobile-friendly websites run with super-fast speed as compared to their desktop version. The responsive design and high speed will automatically attract more users to your website.

9- For achieving a good repute

A good reputation is a key to success. If your user likes your website content and appreciates it, you will start getting a good reputation in the online market. It is possible only with the help of a mobile-friendly website that will attract more clients to your website and will constantly improve your reputation. By making your website mobile-friendly you will be able to achieve a good reputation within a short time.

10- To Remain Up to Date

If you offer some of the latest products or services of your field and have still not upgraded your website to a mobile-friendly website then you have done nothing. All your efforts are useless because this will not bring you more clients even if you wait for a long time. Having a mobile-friendly website is the need of the time and you cannot overlook it. To achieve success in your field, you need not only to be aware of the latest trends of the markets but also use them in your business to achieve a maximum number of clients and improve your yearly profit.


In this digital world, only those who come up with the changing trends and keep themselves updated according to the needs of their time.

Having a mobile-friendly website is one of the ways to show your responsiveness to the changing trends but also will be in the best interest of the public. Once you upgrade your website to a mobile-friendly website you will get a maximum number of clients as well as will build your strong reputation and clients’ trust in your content because the majority of people use the internet through mobile and rely on those websites that are mobile-friendly.

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