Why Blogging is Important for SEO

If you are thinking, you will understand SEO once and everything is on track. Then you are wrong, Google changes its algorithm and policies on regular basis. So, by the time you understand, it will be changed. So, you must be thinking what should I do now? What am I doing wrong? Let me tell you that first thing you are doing wrong are incorrect blogging. Blogging has always been an essential part of helping your website ranks on higher in search results. If you regularly update your website content, there are more chances that people will notice. Updating you content will attract your competitors to take a look and so search engine will notice. That’s all, if you are getting noticed by search engine; your website will be likely to rank higher in search results. Now, let’s look at the various benefits of adding a blog to your website:

  • Take advantage of freshness factor of the website. If you are not updating your home page of website regularly, do it. Because it helps in attracting the views and as well search engine. Keep it fresh for humans and search engine as well.
  • Whenever you upload a blog with a new blog post, you will lead to new links as it can be submitted to the various bookmarking and social networking websites. Then you don’t need to do work on getting more links.
  • If you allow the syndication of your blog, your posts are more likely to appear on other websites which is a good think because it will create more links to your website and your company will be more publically advertized without spending a single penny.
  • You link your page internally to other pages on your website, then every time your page shared, links will be shared and make the link count higher.

How does blogging help in SEO?

  1. Backlinking

Backlinking can be a great help in Search Engine Optimization. You can take profit by linking in different sites and linking to others in your sites. There are few things which you should consider while doing so. First, if you are paying for your links, make sure they use it correctly otherwise you will be penalized in dead end. Always work with reputed quality sites that fit your working scenario. If you are linked to such sites where your company does not fit with the content, you will get suspicious by Google. Hence, you get to know now that good quality links from popular and respected sites helps you in ranking higher in SEO results.

  1. Guest Blogging

In this tactic, you have to work with reputed writers who are experts in their fields. Guest blogging is beneficial to the SEO of your website by using reputed writers popularity. For this to work, you have to find good potential writers. Research their background, interview them and search their past blogs to know if you will get truly unique content or not. A guest blog from a well known source will bring you high traffic and hence boosting your search engine rankings.

  1. Fresh content

As I have already mention that new content can help you bring high traffic to your website and hence search engine rankings. Let me ask you how many times you update your website? Do it often as search engine like fresh, unique content. By blogging, you build a relationship with your viewers and position yourself as an expert in the field and that will provide new content for Google to index.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are the parts which help in people to find out your website. If you are using keywords that are more likely used to search, your website will be on top of the research. But these keywords will not alone help if your site does not contain having other aspects of SEO. Using more keywords often make your content look ugly, which in fact impacts negative to the viewer and will start avoiding your site from onwards.

  1. Popularity

If you are providing good, unique and engaging content to the viewers, your readers will want others to check also and your website will be shared more. When your blogs are shared and checked on, they will move up in the search rankings. You can make this happen, once your blogs contribute to your website’s popularity and that will be happen only, if you share unique content, provide answers to visitors and share your blogs regularly.

  1. Images and Videos

There is another way to find your blog; by including images and video. There are people who first check images then start reading the blog. For those, you have to make sure to include informative images along with alt-text. Alt-text is nothing but a way to describe what’s in the image. This helps in when images are taking time to load or readers are not able to check the images on their computer screens. Therefore, your alt-text must be crafted carefully for SEO and information purpose.

Videos are also important with images as there are people who find watching video more vulnerable then reading content. So having a video with detailed description will also attract readers to check your site. Always keep in mind that including video must serves an purpose because people are always looking for a good unique content.

  1. Social media

The most important reason of blogging is that every post counts as a new page on your website. Google like fresh content and so blogging can help this out. Being on different social media sites like Facebook, twitter and instagram; and sharing the links onto the blogs, can help you get higher in search engine results. Because Google returns social media results as well so in another way, you are giving a reason for viewers to check your company out on other social media as well. In a study, it is found that there is 55% more traffic on blogs having social media links than the ones who don’t.

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