link building for seo

The basic of link building for SEO

The basic of link building for SEO

The process to link back other websites to your website is called Link Building. For driving recommendation traffic and increasing the site’s authority, all business owners and marketers should be interested in building links. The building link is one of many campaigns that are used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Higher rankings are earned by the sites that have more backlinks.

Building links to the site has right as well as wrong ways. We should involve only in natural link building if we take care of the viability that is long term feasibility of your business and site. It means earning links processing other than getting them through manipulative tactics.

Organic and natural building is a process that is difficult and time-consuming. All the links are not formed equally. A link obtained from a website that is imposing has a more significant influence on the SERP than that obtained from a small site that is newly built. It is challenging to come with high-quality links.


A significant factor in ranking webpages is link building. Link building omits some key elements like:

  • The authority and trust of linking pages.
  • The SEO and optimization of content of the individual sites.
  • The anchor text of the incoming links.

Importance of Link Building for SEO.

The Anatomy of a hyperlink

For understanding how important is link building, first need to understand the basics of how this link is formed, how the search engines see links, and what can be interpreted from them.

  • Start to link tag

This is called an anchor tag, and this can open the tab to link. It tells the search engines that a link is about to follow to do something else.  

  • Link referral Location

The “href” means “hyperlink referral,” and the text which is inside the mark of quotation shows that URL, the link is pointing to. It has not a webpage at all times. It can be a file to be downloaded or an address of an image. Sometimes, a thing other than a URL is also seen.

It begins with a # sign. These links move us to some different page sections from which you were already. This is called a local link.

  • Anchor Text of Link

The little piece of text is seen by the users on the page and on which the users need to click if they need to open the link. For making a standout of the text, it is usually formed in a way that surrounds the text. The use of blue color or signaling or underlining the link to the user because it is a link that can click.

  • Closure of Link Tag

Signal for the ending of the link tag is given by the closure of the link tag to search engines. The following are the fundamental ways for using the search engine:

  1. Discovering new web pages.
  2. Helping to determine how a page should be ranked well in their results.

Once the pages are crawled on the web by the search engine, the content of the pages can be extracted and added to their indexes. In this way, it can be decided by feeling the page that if it is of sufficient quality which can be ranked well for related keywords.

While deciding it, the search engines not only be shown by the content of the page but also seen on the link numbers that point to that page obtained from, you will be ranked well in the search results if the websites have high quality with which you linked to. SEOs have discovered that how page Rank be manipulated and search results. It has been accepted generally that by keeping all other factors equal, then the difference in ranking well be done by the volume and the quality of links that point to a page.

Simple link building strategies

Different strategies of link building are used to get some external websites to link.

Creation and promotion of content

The creation of unique, compelling, and high-quality content is created that is naturally wanted for reference and linking by people. It also expresses people about it. Before expecting anyone to find the content or link to it, it is required to spread the word.

Reviews and mentions

People having large followings on social media and popular bloggers are the influencers in the industry. Your product site or service should be put in front of these influencers.

Links from partners and friends

For linking to the website of yours, ask the people whom you know and the people who were with you. Remember that related matters, site links that are in that some general industry for building many links, some time is needed.

Shady Techniques

As the method of link building is not easy. It takes lots of ways of shady techniques for the link building in the past. People tried, for instance, by purchasing links from the link farms, to game the system. Therefore, link building has a somewhat horrible reputation. If your site has got linked to some websites that have dubious standing, then this site can be removed from the results of the search. So, we should avoid these risky tricks of link building. We can get a lot from the link building if we use it fairly and smartly.

What Should be Done to Get links?

The first step is to find how your audience is and to whom you want to reach with the content of yours. It is also essential to know what type of content is needed by the people. For what information they are searching for and what kind of questions are required by them—the word used by the people and the visited websites. If we can answer the above question, it would become easier to form content that will be fit for the needs of your audience, e.g., by the use of the principles to design content.


Without link building, no SEO strategy is completed. The most time-consuming and difficult among all SEO tactics is link building. In makes our rank of site higher in a significant way. It brings more traffic and also grows up our business in a significant manner. How we deeply understand algorithms of search work and the types of links are suitable for our site.

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