7 Things to Makes a Great Website Design?

Below are the top 7 things to make a great website design. Take a look!

  1. A Good Reputation

You might be having a very good-looking website, but the moment terrible reviews begin to knock in, your customers will quickly turn away. A good website reputation entails giving customers what they want. It does not necessarily mean that you are to compromise on your goals and objectives. Instead, you are supposed to ensure that you meet the needs of your customers. Online reputation is also affected by the type of content you have and the quality of your products and services.

Additionally, be sure to monitor your online listings and give your customers feedback on what they are asking. A great website has a good reputation, and this, in turn, is a powerful tool in marketing your brand. You will get positive reviews from your potential customers that will help your website rank higher on search engines. In summary, having a good reputation is an excellent asset that you wouldn’t want to assume.

  1. Testimonials Videos from Your Customers

Having quality products and power-packed content is never enough to make an excellent website. Instead, it is usually more significant to give your customers the microphone and get to hear what they have to say about your brand. Customers will always speak their minds out. If your website is genuinely lovely, you will always have a soft spot in the heart of your customers. Therefore, when setting up your website, showcase the testimonials of your best customers describing their experience in using your brand.

The science behind this is that the listening customers will believe in the testimony of the customer. Have several testimonial videos on the service page of your website and see how this works like magic. Video testimonials are the right way of showing new customers that your existing users trust in what you are offering in the market. This way, you are likely to attract more customers.

  1. A Good Home Page

The first thing that attracts the attention of your audience even before they trust your brand is your home page. Remember that your homepage describes you, your products/services, and your competitive advantage. The home page has the power to either welcome your audience or turn them off. That is why it is wise to have a useful home page that will convery the right message to your clients and, at the same time, help promote your business.

For the mentioned reason, you are supposed to put in much effort into the design and content of the home page. Let this page be as attractive as possible since people will judge you depending on this page. If it is beautiful, it will surely entice your visitors and give them psyche to continue exploring your website. Therefore, when creating your website, let your homepage be in mind and heart, give it your best.

  1. Should Have Contact Details

A great website should have working contact details. Post the contact details that customers can reach you without strain. This feature is of great importance as it also portrays that your customer care services are reliable, especially if your business is B2C, business to consumer. Customers will always want to contact you to make inquiries, purchase your brand, or give feedback about a product. You wouldn’t want to miss any of these, would you?

Embed your contact details on the website in a manner that the customer can see without hustling to view it. It is suicidal to have a website without any contact details. You will be softly killing your website. Contact details not only entail your phone number. Be sure also to include details like your fax number and the physical address of your store. Since your website is a sales one, give your audience a variety of ways to contact you.

  1. Short and Personal Messages

This feature may seem like a joke, but it certainly is not. The short and personal messages will help your users to understand what you are trying to say quickly. So apparently, website visitors do not always have time to waste. They would instead read short messages that are direct to the point rather than going through a “mighty” paragraph that has all the words in the world. Therefore, avoid writing very long messages, a message that that is one or two sentences long is enough.

No one will want to look at very long messages, leave alone reading. Forget jargon, clichés, featureless phrases, and the like. Instead, be precise and direct to the point. Stop explaining how lovely you are. Explain how valuable your brand is and how it is going to affect the user appositively. It is easier and quicker to convince customers to buy your product with short and personal messages.

  1. Valuable Content

This feature is very significant since every business will need a blog that has valuable content to be able to pull traffic on their brand. Blogging should be a mandatory activity for almost all online companies. Content should be accurate, relevant, up-to-date, and of good quality. Google will always demand fresh content regularly. Substantial content that users will find helpful.  Let your content have essential keyword quantity and reliable staff.

  1. Mobile friendly

Always keep this in mind, you are making the website design for clients who are humans. Humans love convenience. If they can access your website through their phones, you have already won their hearts and gained a competitive advantage. Phones are the most portable assets that people will walk around with. They can get anywhere with these devices. You wouldn’t want to affect their convenience. Statistics from SearchEngineLand have shown that approximately 60% of online searches done through mobile phones. So, if your business does not have a mobile-friendly layout, you are losing your customers gradually. You will have an adverse bounce rate, and your business will be at a stagnation state. It is worth noting that nowadays, good penalizes companies that do not have a mobile-friendly feature. So you are convinced that you are risking if the latter describes your website.


In short, making a great website design is not complicated, as long you follow the tips given above you can DIY a website yourself but if you want a more professional to create your website feel free to contact us and we can advise even more things on how to create your website.

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