different types of digital marketing

Different Types of Digital Marketing



Digital marketing is also known as smart marketing. It is an agile technique in which the products and contents are promoted through the internet, social media, and websites. It now becomes an industry in the marketing field because consumers wanted to see the products in digitalized form. Not in newspapers and images.

There are many aspects of digital marketing, such as presentation, content, colors, graphics, and SEO. So these are the main factors in this industry. It is said that “there is a lot of scope of graphic designing in the digital and media field,” and it has now become a great source of income in many countries. So, what is the reason behind that? Surely digital marketing. The critical factors in digital marketing are graphics and colors, which make the product more beautiful and attractive for consumers.

People do digital marketing with different techniques as per their requirements. So, we are discussing different types of it.


Many organizations and small companies, who are ready to launch their startups, use social media platforms to promote their services and products, through attractive social media posts and pages. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram helps them to gather their audience. They also give some dollars to these platforms for promoting themselves. As you know that, almost everyone in the world is using social media, so it is straightforward to get famous through these platforms.


Content marketing is a useful technique in digital marketing because consumers wanted to know about products through its description. There are some experts who experience the product very consciously and write some content about it on different websites. They write its advantages and disadvantages, share their reviews and write about some of its appearances like size, colors, and categories.


Affiliate marketing in which the marketing is done through an agreement with big eCommerce companies like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay. Companies wanted to display their products on these sites by giving them a commission per product because they have billions of users. These are international platforms, so if the product is excellent and profitable, then it will also become a trend and will be in millions within days.


Mainstream marketing is also known as video marketing. It can be done through YouTube, daily motion, and all other well-known streaming platforms and YouTube is the most famous among all streaming sites. On YouTube, the You Tubers, with millions of subscribers, charge some amount for the promotion of products. Suppose a channel with 1 million subscribers, promote any particular product, his fans will also watch that and use the product, and if the product is right, they will recommend to others.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is also an essential part of Digital marketing in many websites and browsers because it is related to keywords and Search techniques. Company that launches the product also knows that how the product will be searching on websites and the internet. So they provide keywords and search techniques to platforms, so the consumers will not face any difficulty in searching their product.


In website marketing which also calls Search Engine Marketing (SEM), marketing is done by ads. The company gives money or commission to website owners for publishing the product’s advertisement. These ads are also provided by google to different well-known websites. If any visitor clicks on the ad, it will directly take him to the product or main site where the product is ready to sell.


Email marketing is the method by which the users are getting updates from the company about new products on their email. They get emails in which the company defines the features of new and upcoming products so their customers will make their mind to buying more products from them.

The emails are instantly come when; the users have subscribed to the updates of the company’s website.it is one of the vital techniques in digital marketing because the consumer will not forget the company.


This type of digital marketing is focusing on the company’s regular customers. Because companies are taking interviews, reviews, and feedback about their products from their regular customers, they make documentaries on their products and promote them different platforms for gathering more audience. They do meeting with customers. The customers tell them about their experience and any enhancement on their product. Inbound marketing helps the company to update their methods.


In voice marketing, the creators and developers are meet with the audience. The developers give a presentation on products. The audience asks questions from them, and they solve all the queries of their audience. It is done for the satisfaction of their consumers because the consumers are the real wealth of any company. If the developers cannot be able to solve their queries, so the rating will be down and significant deficit.


Influencer marketing is expensive marketing. Because companies hire TV actors, film stars, athletes, and well-known personalities, which have a significant influence on the people, for the promotion of their product, they organize events and gathered the audience from different cultures and places. And give a large amount of money to personalities to speak some words about their product. Their posters with great graphics are put on buildings and forums so that the product will get attention from visitors and consumers. Sometimes it makes a big profit and sometimes it makes a significant loss.


Native marketing is also known as cheap marketing on online platforms. It is a pop-up type ad, in which you are watching anything on YouTube or reading. And for a few seconds, there is a video pop-up, which disturbs you from the streaming and gets your attention for 10-15 seconds on the ad. It has a lot of advantages without any disadvantages because millions of people are watching that ad and you do not have to pay a significant amount for 10-15 second ad.


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