nofollow vs nofollow links

Dofollow Vs. Nofollow links: what are they?

Dofollow Vs. Nofollow links: what are they?

Links are the searching bots to see the relationship between the website. Using the “Dofollow links,” they travel from one to other sites and passing over the “Nofollow links.” Value is added to your website by using Nofollow links. For building a healthy profile of backlink for the website, it is an essential first step that how the other sites are linked to you.

To consider why you should care, this is the more external links of high-quality that point to your website to bring it in more traffic. It is not just forming the people who click the links, but it is also through search engines. In comparison, looking at the websites that are top 100 ones by the Alexa Rank. It is about 90% more than 2000 backlinks. The backlinks number in a million among the most used website.

Dofollow link

The Dofollow link is not a thing, strictly speaking. The avoidance state of a link is simply Dofollow. In another world, any link that does not have an attribute of Nofollow, it is called a Dofollow link. It can affect the rankings of the search engine directly.

How Dofollow links affect the Rankings of Site?

By using the Dofollow links, the search engine bots can crawl the web. It registers that who links to who. A type of authority is passed by these relationships that pros of SEO call “link juice” from one site to the other.

For example, a site links to you that have high page ranks, it is reputable by these links, and it may increase your page rank. Rankings of search engine results are improved.

How can a Dofollow link be made?

To make a new link on the website, like a new blog post, it will be Dofollow link can’t be changed into Dofollow link when it is one any other site. It is better off to understand that which links are Nofollow links typically before it reaches out to the owner of the site to link to your website. There are some points where the Nofollow links are common, and necessarily it is not a bad thing.

What is a Nofollow Link?

The Dofollow and Nofollow links look the same to an average user of the website. A small piece of code is included in the Nofollow link. This code is called an attribute. It allows the search engine bots to know about not to follow the link. It seems like this: rel=” Nofollow.”

Type of Nofollow links.

The links of the following types of contents are Nofollow link:

  1. Blog comments
  2. Forums
  3. Press releases
  4. Widgets
  5. Sponsored content
  6. Social media

Therefore, for increasing the authority of your website with link building, don’t spend most of your time to leave comments on the blogs or to submit free press releases. For example, your page rank will not be increased directly by the not be raised by the Nofollow links. Therefore, you should do not be quick to dismiss them.

Do Nofollow links hold any value?

The Page Rank of your website may not increase directly. Several Ways can be used to contribute value. These are:

  1. For a Natural Backlink Profile, Nofollow links are necessary.

There should be a mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links for a website. Consider cultivating a backlink profile that looks natural. There is no need to contact every site that links to you; having a Nofollow link asks for a Dofollow link.

  1. Nofollow links can bring traffic and increase brand exposure.

Links from the high-traffic websites set Nofollow. And they do not directly take part in your Page Rank of the website. They can be a source of traffic when people visit your site by clicking it.

  1. Your Dofollow links grow with the help of No-follow links.

There is a greater awareness brought by the exposure that is gained from links on popular sites. As people hear from you, the chances will be increased organically by gaining Dofollow links.

When to use Nofollow Vs. Dofollow links on your site.

We have discussed Dofollow and Nofollow links for someone else that links to your site. But sometimes, when you link to the websites of the third part, you may want to leverage the attribute of Nofollow. For example, sponsored blog posts, advertising, text link ads, and the other links which result from paid relationships that should follow the attribute of Nofollow. In addition to this, any content that is considered “untrusted” can potentially use the attribute of Nofollow. If comments are allowed on your site, this should be included.

How to make a Nofollow link?

Suppose you have accepted a supported post on the blog for the addition of the Nofollow attribute for the link within the article, it is needed for modification of cod.

How to Tell Whether a Link is Dofollow or Nofollow?

For users of the web, the links it is not distinguishable to follow the Nofollow and Dofollow links. But you can differentiate by using several ways.

  • I can check manually.
  • Can use chrome Extension, which highlights links of Nofollow.

The page source is viewed to check the page manually. In the chrome browser, e.g., by clicking the view menu, then mouse over the Developer and then choose the view source.

  • What is the best Ration of Nofollow to Dofollow links?

There is no best ratio of Nofollow to Dofollow for the links that point to your site. According to some people, it is thought that 50/50 is an excellent mix, and some say 40/60 is the superb mix. At the same time, some believe that it is a mix of 30/70 links of Dofollow/ Nofollow. By looking at the top websites of Alexa Rank in the US, the combination is 27/75. It signals the most successful sites that have a more significant number of links of Dofollow.


To make sure that the backlink profit of your site is healthy and optimized for SEO, invest some time for this. Once the links of Dofollow and Nofollow understand the basics, then be ready to put knowledge into action. From the above analysis, the opportunities will emerge.

It should be remembered that the Dofollow links help to build the Page Rank, valuable engagement and traffic is brought about by Nofollow links.

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