why is sitemap important for a website

Why is Sitemap Important for a website?

Why is Sitemap Important for a website?

A sitemap is essential for planning a new website as a map is needed to plane a road trip. As the name shows, it is the visual representation of the website. It helps the user to understand what information the site requires. For building a usable and functional website, a sitemap is an essential tool. Where you want to take your consumers, a sitemap will help you, instead of going around in circles and them ultimately to leave your website in a frustration act.

A sitemap is a vital characteristic of the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy of your website. It helps to assist the search engines in navigating a website. The sitemaps are useful to let search engines know how many pages you have for your website. So, if the structure of your website design is complicated, then it is crucial for revamping your website to enhance the optimization and then enable excellent communication with the search engine.

Importance of sitemap for a website

A file with metadata about the pages of your website and content is a site. No more than URLs are needed for a sitemap. Additional information is also supported by certain types of sitemaps, like the frequency with which you update your ages. Human visitors can access sitemaps, but the search engines primarily use these for learning more about different websites and then their contents. The search engines support several formats of sitemaps.

  1. More Index Pages in the Search Results.

Many pages of the website are indexed by using a sitemap in the search results. Just like other files of site, sitemaps are crawled by the search engines by the use of URLs that are listed for discovering new context pages. A sitemap guarantees high rankings of search, but search engines are encouraged to index more the website pages.

  1. Protect Against the Duplicate contents.

It is annoying when you publish a new content page only for a competitor for copying and posting it on his website. The search engine tries to index that page that was first published when two pages feature the same context. The search engine does not identify the pages that are correct as of the one that is originally published. It results in the website on the website of competitors for your content, which is handcraft.

By the use of a sitemap, your website can be protected for the duplicate issues of contents. Your pages will be crawled more quickly by the search engine if you are using a sitemap. At allow them to identify the website as an original publisher. It depends upon the sitemap type which you create; you can be able to specify the original date of publication of your page. It reduces the risk of duplication issues of your content.

  1. Prioritize the Crawling for Pages of High Value.

You cannot control the frequency of search engines to crawl the specific pages on your website if you are not using the sitemap. The priority attribute solves this problem by a sitemap by a sitemap. While creating a sitemap of standard XML, it can be assigned by crawling the priority value to the pages. For example, your homepage may contain100% priority value. The top-level category of pages has a priority value of 80% and a low-level category of pages with a priority value of 60%.

  1. Adding Sitelinks to your Listings of Website.

Your organic listings of the website may discover the site links that appear if you are using a sitemap. A link on the website to some specific page is called a site link that is displayed in an organic listing to some extent below the description of the website that helps users in finding the related content more easily on the site. To specify the site links for your website, them is no way. It is an automated process. The chances of winning the site links can be increased by using the sitemaps by guiding the location of your pages of websites.

  1. Insight into the Error of Crawling.

When the search engines are provided by the location of sitemaps, like, example.com/ sitemap.xml, the favor will be returned by giving the information about crawling your website. When you have created your sitemap, use different tools for submitting the URL where it is located. The URLs are crawled by the two-search engine in your “sitemaps” and then report back what they have found. In google search console, crawling information will be seen which is linked to your sitemap under the tab “sitemap.” In the tools of Bing webmaster, the info of crawling is seen below the “sitemaps” on the home screen. If the URL is not able to index by Google or Bing, which is listed on the sitemap, this crawling problem is reported to their respective tools.

  1. Higher Ranking of Search for Images and videos.

The search engine can rank the images and videos of your website by their engorgements by using a sitemap. In the main sitemap of your website, metadata can be included about the images of your sitemap. Like URLs on which images are present, captions, title, geographic location, and license URLs. On your website, the hosted or embedded videos, a separate sitemap can be created with metadata about the videos like their thumbnail location, title, duration, description, rating, category, view count, and more.

  1. Free and Easy to be created

Opposing what has some webmasters believe, sitemaps are not time-consuming and challenging to form. Using some text editor, a basic sitemap can be created by the addition of a single page URL for each line. When the document is saved, it is uploaded to the directory of your website’s root as a plain like have TXT extension.


If the sitemap is not formed, a lot of time is spent by making unnecessary pages or by designing the sites that are more complicated than they are needed. It takes an afternoon to sit with the team, which is responsible for the creation of your website design content and find what is required. It also tells how the pages are related to one another. It also explains that what you can cut from your site designing is started. Sitemap using is not expensive. It takes less time and money for the addition and elimination of something in the starting stages than it does when your site is to be completed shortly.

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