Eliminating Complexity from Web Interface

Eliminating Complexity from Web Interface

The web interface is the process of exchange of information and instructions between the user and the computer.

It is governed by the 3 things -
Graphics, Menu, and Order

Former two are under the control of the computer. And later one is done by the instructor or say the user.

In this article, I've written some of the complexities which are commonly seen while using websites design. These elements must get eliminated from the web interface.

1. Dynamic Content

At least once in your web surfing time, you've faced the problem of dynamic content.
Dynamic Content is inappropriate/insufficient data on a particular subject. It is the type of content in which heading/tag/title/keyword is completely different from the content given. If not so, then the content available there does not detail anything. It moves from one topic to another.
The content does not satisfy the customer. I have personally faced this problem many times. When you create content, use the appropriate title/tag/heading. Don't flip from one topic to another.
Content must be written in an easy language format. Using heavy words will make it attractive for you only. Not for the audience. Try to write content in the easiest and effective way.

2. Size

No matter how long you write, but if it doesn't have quality. It is simply of no use.
If you're writing the only definition about the subject, not explaining it. Then again it of no use.
There are 2 types of sizes, I'm going to cover here.

Content size

From the above lines, you must have understood the body should have quality with size. If I'm creating a post on any subject, I need to offer the explanation, definition, appropriate size with quality. It is necessary to illustrate what you're trying to convey. Otherwise, it'll end up giving different information.

Font Size

Your font size should be medium, that anyone who checks the website, is able to read it.
Font size plays a major role. Some websites design have a very small font, it creates stress on eyes and most people don't prefer to read it.
If websites font is very large then it seems to be very messy and childish.
If headlines have a small font, then it'll not get highlighted which is another setback. So, use the font wisely.

3. Complex Access

If your website has made complex access to data then your user it hard to navigate/find information from the website. This can be the major factor of less traffic on your website. You should eliminate complex access to your web pages or website.
For example - if a user wants to search about digital marketing and when the user visits the website and it does not give the user information on digital marketing. The user will straight away exit the website without trying to find the information required. Then this will increase the bounce rate of the website. So, try to provide direct and simple navigation on all the information on the website.

4. Compulsion Sign-up

You must have seen many websites that ask for sign up before giving access to the website. But many users do not prefer to sign up before access the website. Although it's good for you to get signed by the users. But it disappoints the users.
Offer your service in the best possible way. Rather than making users sign up forcefully, make your services more appreciative. Once you will start giving the best content. Customers will signup on your website on their own. It'll not become required for you to push them for sign up.
If you are interested in making people register, then broaden and highlight the signup icon. But not opening sites just because they haven't signed up is really not advisable. Later on, it'll reduce your audience.

5. Excessive Advertisements

Putting advertisements on your website helps you to earn a lot. Advertisements are used as the major key to earn from online market. But putting many advertisements on a single page can down your business.
Suppose, you are reading a blog with great interest. But after every minute, an advertisement pops up on your screen. In starting you'll not mind it. But later on, you'll start getting pissed off from it. And you will shut down the web site or page. It is very natural.
Putting advertisements on sites is necessary. But excess of anything destroys everything. Use good advertisements in a limited number.

6. Different links

When you publish a blog or post, you've inserted many different links of web pages in it. Put the relevant links.
For example - you made a web page on ''How to Grow Height Naturally". In this, what kind of link would you like to add?
If you add links of "Cement" or "Diatomaceous Earth". Very few people will like to read that. A person who wants to grow height, why will he show interest in diatoms?
If you add links of "Nutritional Diet" or "Hormones responsible for Growth" then obviously they will show interest.
Don't put broken links or too many links. If you put links more than content, then the value of your link, page, and content will directly degrade.

7. Layout

The layout is another major factor that makes the body more readable. There are different kinds of layouts present. Choose them wisely.
If the whole body is covered in a single long paragraph. Then, who would like to read it? Try to list up your research. Don't make it boring by completing it in paragraphs.

The layout helps you to style up your web page. With the correct use of layout style, you can increase your content demand. You can use different kinds of tools to make your content look good.
If the website has published the blog about 'cockroach'. So when you will read it's morphological features with the help of provided images, it will become easy for you to understand it. But if there will be no image available, then it will become very difficult to understand the complex structure of cockroach.

These are the basic troubles faced by users. Try to make your website as simple as it can be. Try to avoid these complex features, you can always contact us for a discussion and we can help you eliminate any complexity on your website

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