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7 useful tips to know before building a Website

Do you want to make a website? But you are confused about what are the things which you need to know before starting a website! So, read this whole article and get to know, what are the things in which you have to work before making a great website.

Website is the collection of web pages under the single domain in the internet containing information about a specific thing.

At present, every business either it is a small or a very large business, it's required for it to serve it's service through the online platform too. If you want to get traffic then it is very essential to make an appropriate kind of website. Only after that, it will attract the audience to come in your web pages and to stick with it.

There are many things on which you need to work before starting a web. Few of them are enlisted below :

  • Decide Motto / Know Aim

Before working on anything it is very necessary to know "what is your aim? For what, you are working?''. If you are making a website, you need to know for what purpose you want to make it.

There are several kinds of website present. For example  - informative, eCommerce, blog, classified, online booking, colleges, organisational, etc. It is required to know in/ for what category you are making website.

If you don't have a clear vision over it. It will directly or indirectly affect your whole business and your website.

  • Collect Information

Now when you have decided on what category you want to make a website. It's time to collect information and to do research about that particular thing.

The more you will collect the information about that subject, it will help you make up the good content. It'll tell you about its in and outs. Research thoroughly about the category.

For example - if I have chosen an eCommerce website then I will research how to increase the traffic through advertisements of the products. How to get more products and about several gateways which are introduced in the eCommerce sites.

  • Domain

A domain is a URL used by the people to navigate directly to your website.

As you have researched about your category, you must have collected a good amount of information about it.

It is must to give perfect domain to website. There are several kind of domains present. For example - .com , .club , .online, .org , .edu , .( On country's name) , .io , .net ,etc. Each of this domain is used for different purpose.

As if I am making an educational website and I used a very famous .com domain. Then the search engines will not use my website for the educational purposes

 It is very necessary for getting traffic to work in accordance with SEO. If I will not use the perfect domain for my site, Google will not show my content in its initial suggestions.

In the market, there are different kinds of domain available. Few are very costly and few have negligible cost. Take advice from your experts for an appropriate domain.

  • Web Hosting

A web hosting provides you server, storage capacity and access to the online world. Web host determines your loading speed. Few web host also provided SSL certificate.

It is very important to get an appropriate web hosting. While choosing a web hosting you should take note on its monthly payment, and check what type of host you are buying.

There are several types of host. Such as - Shared host, WordPress host, Cloud host, Dedicated host, VPS host, C Panel host, etc.

Different kind of web hosting will have a different kind of monthly payment. The difference between a shared host and a dedicated host is quite substantial.

Decide what kind of host you need and from where you'll purchase it.

Now again there are numerous options from where you can purchase a web hosting. You have to pay monthly charges or yearly charges to them.

Popular of them are - Bluehost, A2hosting, GoDaddy, Dreamhost, etc. Each of them serves different services. Few give free SSL certificate, for example - A2hosting & Bluehost.

You can read more on this at our articles Web Hosting Singapore: Guide for 2020.

Web design decides how your website will look like. Web Design includes topography, colour, composition, layout style, template, theme, etc.

Before starting the website, you should ask yourself - what will be your theme? What kind of logo do you want to put on your website? Do you want to use free templates or to design for yourself?

Well, in web designing you'll get two options.

First one is to use the host's free designs which will cost you nothing but you are not able to change much of the design layout or, second is to create your own design which is expensive. But it makes the website look unique and it provides identity to the website.

Choose, what you're able to afford. Decide what should be your logo and tagline. How your website is supposed to look like.

  • Content

Content is the major thing you need to work on. Start making content from a few weeks back before launching your website.

To get high traffic, you need to get quality content which must be posted regularly. If you'll not provide your user content daily, they will start moving to different sites.

Content should be in easy language which can be absorbed quickly. Post content which is in demand to get more audience. Know your targeted market.

If you want to give your website more professional touch, you can hire content writers. They will give great content which will directly increase your market. You can also take help of copywriters.

  • Images and Videos

When you are illustrating something, if you will use a picture of that content, people will understand that more quickly with ease. It also will make your explanation attractive.

This same happens when you put images of the subject you are detailing in your website. It helps the user to understand more early with perfection. Sometimes words are not enough to make things absorbable, you need to take the help of visuals to make it acceptable.

You can use high-quality videos and images for your content. It will make your content more attractive and appreciative.

Work on these 7 tips before building a website. This will help you to get more traffic and less trouble.

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